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Henri Brown, a Musician, Songwriter, Actor, and Music & Film Producer. He’s got fire, passion and always a smile as he embraces this life journey. Absolute dedication, devotion and determination. Coming from a family of entertainers. The son of Black Cultured Pearl, nephew of Canada’s First Lady of Jazz, Eleanor Collins and the cousin of 
Jimi Hendrix.
ensures he sees each and every project to completion. 

His undeniable passion for music from a very early age, forged his way to travelling the world performing with his then band, “HB Concept”, and now “HB Wild”. He was embraced by South East Asia and performed the majority of his tours in Hong Kong, Singapore, Bangkok, Dubai, KL, Macau, Taiwan, Beijing and Vietnam.

Since 2011, Henri has been performing with “The Experience Hendrix Tour”. This hugely successful tour includes some of America’s finest Blues and Rock musicians. They come together once or twice a year and in 2019 alone they covered 48 US cities. 

In March 2020 Henri Brown HB Wild released a single & video “Make Time 4 Love”. It feat. Marlon McClain on Guitar and Joe Satriani on the solo. Following that, in November 2020 he released another single and video, “The Ride Is Real” feat. Corey Phillips on guitar. This man doesn’t stop…
In May 2021 HB Wild released a new Album on all platforms. “Best Friend”

Amidst 4 decades surrounded by music, Henri also fashioned an amazing career in acting, film and tv. The entertainment world has been extremely good to him. 

Unbelievable but, Henri has even penned an innovative and unique film story called “Just A Gig”. The script itself attracted well known screen play writer and Director, Marc Fusco. Be on the lookout, the project is underway and will be fully released in the very near future.


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